Frequently Asked Question!

No, with proper application and home care, Mbaise Association ® Hair Extensions will not damage the hair.

With proper home care and application, Mbaise Association ® Hair Extensions last up to about 6 months. We recommend removal and replacement every 4-6 months.

It is important to take care of your Mbaise Association ® Hair Extensions to insure longer lasting hair extensions. Please click here for a list of home care directions.


  • 100% remy pony tail collect assures natural remy hair.
  • Non-acid wash processing insures the integrity and health of the hair.
  • Patented water tolerant bonds allows for protection from exposure to swimming and saunas.
  • Non- silicone coated hair is soft and strong naturally.
  • Non-damaging flat bond technique is safe, comfortable and undetectable.
  • We offer versatility in application (clip-in, weft, fusion, and tape-in).
  • Both Double drawn and single drawn hair are available to offer your client the best choice in thickness and weight.
  • Affordable, intensive, high quality 2 day Certification is offered in any area of the country that provides tools and knowledge to increase income. We also offer advanced training techniques for thinning hair.
  • Our service and support is unparalleled in the hair extension industry.
  • Phenomenal pricing system considering the quality compared to other hair extension brands.



Yes, your licensed stylist can still color your hair with Mbaise Association ® Hair Extensions. Just remember is important not to get any color on the extension bonds. Doing so may weaken the bonds.

Mbaise Association ® Hair Extensions uses premium Pony tail collect Remy hair from India. Some brands may use a loose collect method in which the hair’s cuticle is stripped and coated to make the hair remy, thus leaving the hair in poor quality.

Remy hair is when the hair’s cuticles are all facing the same direction. This will prevent matting and tangling.

You must be a licensed cosmetologist in order to become certified in the fusion method of Mbaise Association ® Hair Extensions. We offer a 1 day training program that covers hair extension theory and hands on application. To use sticker hair, the stylist must be licensed but is not required to complete a training program. Please click here for more information.